Weekly Geeks (1): Guilty Pleasures

Weekly Geeks hosts blog entries around a common theme that differs every week.  This week’s theme is guilty pleasures.  Specifically:

  • The Books that you Love but are Embarrassed to be Seen Reading
  • Tell us WHY you love them
  • And (just for fun) tell us your favorite guilty snack that goes perfectly with all that guilty reading

My biggest embarrassment comes from books with giant cats on or in them.  Actually, it doesn’t even have to be cats.  Any animal will do.

For instance, I love the Mrs. Murphy mysteries by Rita Mae Brown.  I also happen to love her fox hunting series.  Both have pictures of animals on the covers and illustrations inside.  Nothing makes me feel like a bigger dork than reading on the train to work and having the ten people in my immediate vicinity staring at pictures of cutesy cats and dogs and horses all over the pages I’m reading.

Inevitably, those are the times that I’m sitting next to someone reading a very dog-eared and worn copy of something highbrow.

I do love them, though.  I love my kitty and horsey mysteries.  They’re like brain candy. They require little focus and take hardly any time to finish. They have familiar characters that I don’t have to spend time getting to know.  It’s like coming home.

As for snacks, by far my guiltiest pleasure is an order of Texas Cheese Fries from Outback Steakhouse.  They have about a million calories but are so cheesysaltybaconyyumyum that I have a hard time resisting their siren song.

Dammit.  Now I’m hungry.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Geeks (1): Guilty Pleasures

  1. LMAO! I have never had those fries, I have heard they must have been laced with crack they are so addictive! hehehe. And I feel you with the animal mysteries, some of my fave books are where the cat leads the way with his paw prints to solve murders. ❤

  2. Now I'm hungry too!I love that you said it's like coming home. My biggest guilty pleasure books are ones with either really teen/chick covers or high fantasy covers with busty scantily clad warrior women riding dragons or some such silliness. But I love reading these books, and it IS like coming home. I used to go so far as to make a book cover to hide my bad covers, but I find I care a lot less now what other people think of what I'm reading. Especially now that I see how many people here in the blogging world love all the books I love. So what if some high brow person thinks I'm silly because of the covers I read. If they really are as smart as they want to project, then they should know better than to judge a book by its cover (or a person by the cover of the book they're reading!) 😛

  3. Agreed! Half the time I assume that person isn't really enjoying that book, they just want to look cool. And now I'm the one who's judging. I've definitely been there with the fantasy covers, too, and you're right that it helps to realize how many people enjoy those same books. We're totally not weirdos!

  4. Nope, not weirdos at all! (even if I sometimes really want to write Tor or Del Rey and ask them to please put just a few more clothes on their fantasy women)I do the same thing with thinking, "Well, they probably just want to look smart. And they're probably bored. So ha." But then, yeah, I realize I'm being just as bad.

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