Silly Sunday (1) – George Washington

Silly Sunday is a new weekly feature where I talk about videos, pictures or books that make me laugh.

Little known fact about me: I have a slight George Washington obsession. I realize “slight obsession” is an oxymoron, but I don’t know how better to describe it. I’m not obsessed full stop, with posters plastered across my room that I kiss every night before bed. I don’t gaze lovingly at one dollar bills. I didn’t immediately pee myself when I visited Mount Vernon.

However, I probably think about George Washington more than your average American. He’s my go-to historical figure when I contemplate technological advances in that sort of “What would our forefathers have thought of this?” way. Haven’t you ever gotten in a glass elevator and thought, “Man, if George Washington was in this elevator right now, he would FREAK. OUT.”? I have. I imagine myself driving a time-traveling George Washington around town, showing him skyscrapers and cars and electricity and jeans and having a gay old time. He really enjoys my tours. We’re old pals now.

I wrote a couple of stories around this concept in a fiction class a few years ago. In one, George was overwhelmed by the Mall of America. In another, he wakes up in a rural Southern town and the locals try to figure out if he’s the real George Washington or not.

I don’t know why George Washington. I guess he’s sort of the epitome of America, being the first president and all. My knowledge of him is rather limited, however, and I keep telling myself that if I ever want to give my GW stories a chance, I should do some research. Maybe when I am done slogging through grad school, I’ll be motivated to pick up one of his massive biographies.

The point of all of this Washington blathering is that a few years ago I came across a video about him that I find hysterically funny. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like weird and awkward humor as much as I do, you’ll probably enjoy it. **NOTE** This video contains some foul language. Consider yourself warned.