Bloggiesta is here! Run by Maw Books Blog, this is a three day marathon of blog prep work. If you’d like to join up, follow the linked image and you can sign up anytime this weekend. There are lots of fun challenges and there will be motivating posts up to help you get organized!

Here’s my to-do list so far:

  • Create review template
  • Create IMM, FF/BBH, WW, and SS templates
  • Update challenge reviews with link to challenge index page
  • Link on review pages to other blogsâ?? reviews
  • Write reviews for books read
  • Create Feature/Meme Index page
  • Update Twitter background image
  • Put together first giveaway post/rules
  • Create spreadsheet to organize books for review
  • Create Google doc with frequently used links and HTML codes (cheat sheet)
  • Get social networking buttons for site, then figure out how to install them
  • Create YouTube account/channel
  • Make a Goodreads icon to match my other new icons (don’t know if I can do this myself though)
  • This is so not happening. I’ll have to do without or pay someone to do it.

  • Create a Silly Sunday button
  • Backup blog
  • Figure out how to set up polls
  • Will be done in the future. Not pressing.

I’ll be updating this post throughout the weekend as I cross things off my list. I don’t know if I’ll get through all of it, but hopefully I’ll make some good headway.


I made really great progress. I got a lot done to clean up my theme, get a better title font, get social media icons and get templates ready to go in Google Docs. It helped me tremendously to get organized and feel like I can maintain this blog without completely losing my sanity or failing out of school. Thanks to everyone who posted informative helpful tips and had patience with my commenting absence while trying to sort through all of this stuff. 🙂


So I have this new font for my blog title, which showed up exactly as I coded it in CSS in my Safari browser at home, but in Chrome it only shows “Lo” and in Internet Explorer it doesn’t show any of the shadowing. Is there something I need to put in the HTML/CSS to fix this or is it something I have to live with?

It seems cross-browser shadowing is an issue in CSS. Too bad. I took out the shadow effect and it opens fine now, but it really looked nice with a shadow. 😦

10 thoughts on “Bloggiesta

  1. This sounds like a great way to stay organized, most of it I've been meaning to get to but haven't yet while others I feel like I should have thought of but for whatever the reason haven't.

  2. I have to go to sleep and stop messing around on blogs, but I'll email you tomorrow to show you how to make a poll. Did you want it in a blog post or on a sidebar?

  3. Gosh, I need to make myself a list like this… its a good way to stay organized! Dianaps i love your button! love how its the same bckgrnd as your blog… 🙂 how did you make it? I've been meaning to create one but i dont have the slightest idea on how to start!

  4. I still haven't emailed you! I'm so sorry!Your blog is looking better and better every time I come by. I love the font you chose. Big huge congrats to you for crossing off all those things on your list! You rock 🙂

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