Silly Sunday (3) – Jane Austen’s Fight Club

Last month, I mentioned my love for Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, and the Ang Lee movie in particular. Last week, during a #steampunkchat on Twitter, someone mentioned a video called “Jane Austen’s Fight Club.” Of course, I immediately went to YouTube and looked it up.

Um. How awesome is that? It takes the Austenian theme of women’s societal struggles and turns it on its head with the brilliant Fight Club mashup. I love how you can almost believe that these stuffy women would go out back and start brawling. I wish that this movie really existed.

I mean, there are so many crappy spoof movies that come out every year. Can we please just have one that has some actual intelligence behind it? I get that I’m probably overthinking this funny little video about “proper” women who secretly beat each other up for fun, but I think the Austen reference is what makes this video work. It’s funny not just because women in Austen’s time wouldn’t have a fight club, but because Austenian characters are strong enough and impulsive enough to pull it off, if only the concept of a fight club had occurred to them. Throw a modern sense of women’s liberation at Marianne Dashwood and I’d bet you a hundred dollars she’d punch Fanny in the nose. Wouldn’t you just love to see her do that?

Fun fact: My husband went to high school with one of the girls in the cast! When I showed him the video, he told me he had already seen it since he knew one of the girls. Well then why hadn’t I seen it yet?!?

What do you guys think of this video? What are your favorite parts or lines? Does the mashup work for you?

6 thoughts on “Silly Sunday (3) – Jane Austen’s Fight Club

  1. hehehehe! I've seen that video many a times now. It always makes me crack up. And apparently hubbies don't believe in squeeing. Agh. Men. LOL

  2. @Aylee – I love when she looks so disappointed when that girl barely taps her!@Carissa – Glad you liked it!@Carrie – Words to live by. :)@Debra – I'll have to check that one out!@Missie – Yes, and then he tried to convince me he'd told me about it before. Um, pretty sure I'd remember something as cool as this! 😛

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