Silly Sunday (7) – Very British Movie

If you missed Saturday Night Live last week, you missed one of the funniest fake videos they’ve ever created.|widget|NBCVideo&__source=nbc|widget|NBCVideo

A commenter on another site pointed out that around 1:30 or so, during his long speech, he distinctly says “Graham Norton” among the rest of the gibberish. The first time I saw this, I was crying, because seriously, who hasn’t been thrown off by really thick British or Australian accents. I know they’re speaking English, but it takes a while for my ears to adjust sometimes.

In other news, I’m being featured today on For What It’s Worth’s Better Know a Blogger interview series. If you’re not already participating in the Ultimate Reviewer’s Challenge, you can still sign up. I hope you’ll stop by and see my interview!

8 thoughts on “Silly Sunday (7) – Very British Movie

  1. I loved this. I didn't see the whole episode, but I saw this clip on Hulu and had to watch it. I love that the first time I saw it, it took me a few seconds to catch on that I wasn't supposed to understand the dialog. The Justin Beiber "Roommate" trailer is funny, too. If for no other reason than that the Adam Sandberg character is played by Sir Ben Kingsley.

  2. Ooh, and did you see the book trailer from the Robert Deniro episode? The rest of it was awful, but that was worth a few chuckles.

  3. OMG, the Deniro episodes are always the worst. He's the straight man, not the funny one, so the sketches never quite work. I did get a good laugh out of the book trailer. How fun must it have been to think up those titles?!

  4. My dad thinks trailer was good because it was prerecorded and Deniro can't do live stuff. The titles were fun (*snort* The Pokemon Directive), but I loved the part where he says, "I don't know. People keep reading them." And that you can find it at Rite Aid.

  5. I missed this! Good thing you did a recap :)This video is so funny! And so very, very true. We have a large elderly population in my library who are always complaining that they can't hear anything when British people speak in movies. I tell them I always need to put the closed captioning on myself 🙂

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