Silly Sunday – Psych

On Friday I wrote a little bit about one of my favorite shows, Psych on USA Network. I was actually a bit of a latecomer to this show. When it first started airing, I was a regular watcher of Monk, and thought the premise of Psych seemed kind of dull. A show about a psychic detective who’s not really psychic? What’s the point?

During its second season, my husband and I had the TV on after Monk and got swept up in the Halloween episode, where the female detective, Juliet, goes undercover in a sorority house. It was hilarious and full of physical comedy, cultural references, and just plain silliness. From then on, we were hooked.

Shawn and Gus, the two main characters, are BFFs who grew up together. Shawn’s father is a retired Santa Barbara Police detective, and most episodes start with flashbacks of Shawn (usually with Gus or his dad) getting into trouble or setting up a personality flaw to be exploited in the episode. Shawn is a fake psychic, who uses his above average observational skills to pretend he is a psychic detective in order to make money as a consultant with the SBPD.

Gus is a pharmaceutical rep and also a business partner in Psych, Shawn’s detective service. They are like brothers, constantly bagging on each other with an undercurrent of love. This is bromance at its finest. A long-running gag on the show is that Shawn rarely introduces Gus by his full name, Burton Guster. Instead, he makes up silly names for him like Ovaltine Jones and Methuselah Honeysuckle.

The show is crazy clever, well written, and laugh out loud funny. I try to get everyone I know to watch it. It airs on Wednesday nights on USA, with the season premiere usually in July. This year marks its 6th season, and I hope it stays on a few more years at least. I never get tired of these guys.

This clip I think best sums up the tone of the show:

5 thoughts on “Silly Sunday – Psych

  1. @Lindsay – I can't get enough of it!@Ruby – It's set in SB, but films in Canada. Go figure. They do take some shots in SB, though.@Siobian – I'm so glad I have a fellow Psych lover! It is so goofy and adorable.

  2. Whaaat? That doesn't even make sense. I don't remember Canada being anything like Southern California. Maybe my memory is starting to fail me. Still, if there are SB shots that I recognize, I'll definitely be squealing at the screen.

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