Silly Sunday – Bronte Sisters Power Dolls

I’m hard at work on a couple of papers this week, so I’m keeping things simple today. I started reading Jane Eyre on Friday, so I can try to finish it before I see the movie. In honor of Charlotte Bronte and all of the other 19th century female writers who did what they loved despite a culture that did everything to keep them from it, I give you the Bronte Sisters Power Dolls.

Take that, boys’ club! We women are here to stay!

While you’re here, I’ve got a poll on my left sidebar about commenting. I’d like to know if you would prefer I email you with my responses to your comments. The poll will be up until the end of the week. I would love it if you’d weigh in with your opinion. Thanks guys!

4 thoughts on “Silly Sunday – Bronte Sisters Power Dolls

  1. LOL! um…lolI'm feeling very nostalgic now. I think I need to go look up commercials for toys of the 80s on youtube. I'm torn on the book throwing power. On one hand, awesome. But I can't help but have a little part of me cry out at the idea of throwing books. 😛 The facial expressions on the dolls are priceless. Good luck with your papers! Good on you for reading Jane Eyre. I hope I get to it, erm, sometime this year.

  2. @Annette – Glad you liked it. Too good to resist, especially when everyone's all crazy for Jane Eyre right now.@Smalls – I like the fake mustaches when they pretend to be boys. Because everyone knows it's all about the mustache. And I'm with you on the 80s nostalgia. The whole thing is like a giant Nerf commercial!

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