Silly Sunday – Vampire Diaries Parody

I have three confessions to make: 1) I love The Vampire Diaries TV show more than life itself; 2) I want Ian Somerhalder to be my best friend; and 3) I don’t plan to ever read the L.J. Smith books.

I know you’re probably thinking “Best friend? Get real. I want Ian to be my luvah.” Don’t get me wrong. The man is smoking hot. I’ve loved him since his Young Americans days when he cavorted with Kate Bosworth and Katherine Moennig before they became famous. The fact is, though, that I have a beautiful husband already. Ian Somerhalder is not just a hottie actor, either. He’s an altruistic soul who tweets endlessly about ethical treatment of animals and the planet. He’s into saving the world in all of my favorite ways, and for that I want him to be my BFF.

But enough about arm candy. Let’s talk TVD. I’ll admit that my primary motivation for watching was one Mr. Somerhalder, but you know…also that whole hot vampire thing. This show, while mainly marketed to the teenaged set, also happens to be plain old effing good television. As much as my husband and family make fun of me, I can’t get enough of it. Plot twists nearly every week that – GASP! – get resolved. It moves quickly, has plenty of humor, lots of heart, and more beautiful people than should legally be allowed on the same show.

I’m team Jerefelboncartymon. (Which is to say, JERemy, stEFan, ELena, BONnie, CARoline, TYler and daMON.)

You’d think, being the voracious reader that I am, that this would also mean I’d devour the L.J. Smith series on which the show is based. You’d be wrong. I’m such a huge fan of the show now that I’m afraid the books will never live up to my expectations. Have any of you read them? Tell me if I’m wrong.

Anyway, this was all a very big lead-in to a video I found via an Ian Somerhalder tweet (@iansomerhalder). It’s a parody of TVD by The Hillywood Show. It’s not quite as funny as I hoped for, since most of it is just one long music video, but the opening bit with the brothers is clever, complete with Stefan’s endless rolling up of his shirtsleeves. They have the mannerisms down pat.

I like the outtakes at the end, too.