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As part of The All Male Review Challenge, I’m featuring some of our male book blogger friends in this new interview feature: The Man Behind the (Blog) Mask. Each blogger answered the same 7 questions so that we can all get to know them a bit better. The men of the book blogging community are interesting, charming, funny, witty, and some of the best all around bloggers! If you like what you read here, be sure to check out their blogs – you won’t be disappointed.

My guest today is Marrion from Palm Books Journal!

1) Tell us a little about your blog – when you started, what your focus is, why you do it, etc.

My blog, Palm Books Journal, just started this January 12. It’s only been 3 months but a lot of things happen. If you’re wondering where did the name came from, my first answer would be, “I really don’t know”– It actually just pops on my head. However, each week I realized what does it mean–It means that, it is a journal of someone who starts reading a book from his/her palm, holding it starts the adventure from an never-ending possibilities. It’s the person way of handling the book, caressing it right through you own palms. [Does that make any sense? lol!]

Anyway, my blog mostly focuses on YA books though sometimes I also get out of that comfort zone and giving a shot for some middle grade and adult books. I am adventurous type of guy when it comes to books. I don’t want to focus in only one field, It embraces the boredom-ness. So I mostly take things in extraordinary level.

There are two reasons why I started book blogging. First, I am a fan of books. I love to read. [Thanks for Harry Potter] My love for books increases ten folds. Secondly, a close friend suggested why not share your thoughts on the books your read from the others who has the same feel for books. Why not? So I tried it and up until now, I am very hooked to it! :]

2) Book blogging seems pretty heavy on the females. Do you think being a male blogger has any advantages or disadvantages?

Yeah! The vast majority are females! That’s not very new to me though. I already know before I started book blogging, this field-of-love are outnumbered by girls. Well… I don’t mind. :]

I think there is one thing a guy has it advantage. I guess, girls are curious if what does a guy think of this book, am I right? Do guys like that book or not? A guys perspective/opinion really adds something new and interesting. In it disadvantages, I haven’t really experience something degrading from a guy who does book blogging. If there is someone, well… I don’t really care. I’m good at it, they’re just jealous, I think? lol! :]

3) Do you read a lot of books with male protagonists? Why or why not?

I have read more female protagonist but I have read some male ones. Who wouldn’t forget the Harry Potter Series? Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code? And Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series? I have read them and I all enjoyed it! It is a great thing that not all male protagonist appears just only on video games but also in books! :]

4) Give us three books you consider “must reads.”

Which one? Male or Female protagonist? In general, probably, Angel Burn by LA Weatherly; Falling Under by Gwen Hayes and The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

5) If you could be any literary character, who would you be and why?

Just to be fair, I’ll choose one male and one female literary character:

  • For the guy, I like to be more of Peeta Mellark of The Hunger Games. He is very artistic. He paints and draws which I do love as well aside from books. And he loves Katniss despite on how she treated him. His undying love for someone who is important is very inspiring and courageous. I idolize him for being like that. :]
  • For the girl, Willow from the awesome and my dearly loved-so-much book, Angel Burn by LA Weatherly. Aside from the ability to became an angel [will this spoil it?] is wicked awesome! it was her ability to turn her weaknesses and fears to became her motivation to fight and face the problem ahead. In which of course, very inspirational and cool.

6) When you’re not reading or blogging, what are you most likely doing?

I like to walk at night to clear my head from everything and I do love to watch movies. I do love to eat a lot. Which I am proud to be very good at. lol! I love to play on my PSP. Sometimes, I just sit and stare. :]

7) Share an interesting/weird/random/funny fact about yourself with us.

It is the 7th and last question, I’ll be giving 7 facts about me. Here goes:

  • I usually sniff the new scent of a new bought book.
  • I’m afraid of heights and my most feared ride on a Theme Park is “The Ferris Wheel”–I instantly gone crying. lol!
  • There are times I just dance without a reason.
  • I can eat 4 cups of rice per meal and I can eat any sorts of food served on the table. You can invite me to eat on an eat-all-you-can restaurant.
  • Chocolate is my kryptonite [especially Butterfingers]
  • I do sing! :]
  • I am a neat-freak sometimes, I make everything is in order and well-organized.

Thanks for sharing with us! You can follow Marrion at Palm Books Journal and on Twitter @pbooksjournal.