Vacation Reads Challenge

I can’t help it! I love challenges! So I’m signing up for another one, this time co-hosted by my buddy, Ruby’s Reads, and the equally awesome Julie from Manga Maniac Cafe.

This challenge runs from June 21st through September 23rd, and the deadline to sign up is June 21st so get going if you want to play! The challenge is to read at least 6 books that take place in a setting you’d like to visit. It can be contemporary, historical, fantastical – anything as long as you want to visit that place.

Prize packs are being offered each month of the challenge, and good times are going to be had by all. I’m really looking forward to seeing where everyone wants to visit! To sign up, click the button above and add your name to the linky. Be sure to post about it and spread the word to all your friends!

I have some books in mind for the challenge, but I’m looking for recommendations. What are some books you love with cool locales?

5 thoughts on “Vacation Reads Challenge

  1. Don't know if you read it, but LOVE Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly – takes place in Paris!Pick up Dreams of Significant Girls when you can – happens in Switzerland!If you like Austen, but have never read Persuasion, please do – they go to Bath, England to take a break from their main home.If you've never read Marchetta, try Saving Francesca or The Piper's Son – both take place in Sydney and. If you want to try the surfing side of Australia, you can always get Raw Blue on ebook :)-Linds

  2. You challenge nut! I have to agree with Linds. Blue Raw has a great setting. Hmmm… what else? *thinks*Yeah, I've got nothing, but it's Friday, so I get to get away with being brain dead. πŸ™‚

  3. I think I am also on the brain infarct train – how do I know if I want to go there until I have read it πŸ™‚ Good luck to all in meeting their goals – if I can think up away for my brain to accomplish this by June 21st I will certainly sign up – hee hee! You make me smile.

  4. I love the sound of this challenge but I am SO bad at challenges. I get reading spurts (sometimes I devour books, other times I don't) and I can never tell when they will happen. *sigh*Anyways, good luck on this cool challenge!

  5. @Linds – I've been meaning to read Revolution! I'll look into the others too. Great suggestions – thanks!@Missie – I remember both of you guys having rave reviews for that one, so I'll probably like it!@Denise – You should! It'll be fun!@BookGeek – True. I was way ahead a few months back on all of my challenges and now I'm falling behind. Yikes!

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