TGIF at GReads (1) and Weekly Recap

This Friday blog hop is run by Ginger at GReads! Each week she posts a question and we answer and recap our weeks. Click the button to join in!

This week’s question was too good to pass up. Ginger got a bunch of us So You Think You Can Dance fans tweet chatting (twittering? tweeting? chatting?) this week at #SYTYCDBloggers and when shortly after the results show she tweeted this week’s TGIF topic, I decided to join the cool kids’ table at Thanksgiving.

Summer Love: Where’s your ideal place to take a summer vacation & get lost in a book?

OH RIGHT. I did that already.

Okay, okay. So technically it wasn’t summer, but you wouldn’t have known it from the weather and view! Regular readers will recognize the pic I snapped from our resort balcony in Daytona Beach while attending a wedding back in March.

I spent an entire Saturday afternoon on that balcony by myself reading Wicked Lovely and sipping coffee and Diet Coke while dear husband was off doing his Best Man duties. I threw on comfy clothes, a bathrobe, and put my feet up. I got to listen to the ocean pounding without getting a sunburn.

Nobody complained that I wasn’t being social (I never am, which is somehow always a disappointment) and yet I could still glance up and see miles of beach and scan the pool below to spy on wave at friends.

I learned an important thing about my vacation needs from this trip. I need beaches and sunshine!

What’s your ideal vacation reading spot?

My weekly recap is inspired by the phenomenally talented, kind and generous Small Review. If you are not already following her, you are really missing out. Also, have I mentioned how much I love Cool Text? They’re the folks that allow me to make these cool (and simple) text buttons – for FREE!

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Enjoy your weekend everybody!

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8 thoughts on “TGIF at GReads (1) and Weekly Recap

  1. Ooo, I just got slightly jealous looking at those pictures and imagining sitting there reading overlooking the ocean. I need a vacation! This is a great little mem, I might have to participate. New Follower! My Book Blog: Totally Obsessed

  2. Wicked Lovely is wonderful. Reading on the balcony is my thing, too. 🙂 I need my reading time and it's the best with all the sun and the ocean right in front of you!

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