TGIF at GReads! (8) & Weekly Recap

This Friday blog hop is run by Ginger at GReads! (who also created this beautiful button). Each week she posts a new question for us to ponder.

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This week’s question is:

Author Block Party: If you could gather a handful of authors to hang out with, who would you choose?
EASY. Lisa Bergren, Kiersten White, Lia Habel, Carrie Harris, Stephen King, Rita Mae Brown, and Diana Gabaldon.

Which authors would you hang out with?

My weekly recap is inspired by the phenomenally talented, kind and generous Small Review. If you are not already following her, you are really missing out. Also, have I mentioned how much I love Cool Text? They’re the folks that allow me to make these cool (and simple) text buttons – for FREE!

If you’re a first time visitor, or just didn’t get the chance to stop by this week, here’s what you missed:

Winner announcement for the Summer Giveaway Hop

THE NEAR WITCH by Victoria Schwab
2/5 stars
Paranormal YA Challenge

5/5 stars
Comic Book Review

4/5 stars
Paranormal YA Challenge
I Read Banned Books Tour

Enjoy your weekend everybody!

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7 thoughts on “TGIF at GReads! (8) & Weekly Recap

  1. I wonder if Stephen King could be persuaded to tell ghost stories. I'm sure you could easily have a campfire set up. It would be chilling.

  2. Oooo wouldn't Stephen King be an interesting one to hang out with? I'm sure he would make it a memorable experience! Diana Gabaldon and Kiersten White would both be fabulous as well:)

  3. Stick me in a room with Lisa Bergren and Kiersten White (who is MY HEIGHT!!) and I think I'd be in heaven. Stephen King would be shooting us serious WTF looks given the level of excited female screeching that would be going on.

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