Reading Challenge Check-In

I signed up for 16 reading challenges this year (17 if you also count my challenge to finish all my challenges), and it’s time to do a little check in to see how I’m faring. You can see the books I’ve read so far, as well as those I’m planning to read, on my Challenge Index page.

Debut Author Challenge: 11/12 books read

Surprisingly, this is the one where I’m sure to finish. I was much more excited than I anticipated to read books by debut authors, and this has been the most fun for me to complete.

YA Historical Fiction Challenge: 8/15 books read

I started off strong with this one, but my efforts have tapered off recently. I think I can do it, but I need to buckle down and get through some of the books I own.

Shifter Challenge: 7/20 books read

Like the HF challenge, I was really booking (pun intended) on this one until a few months ago. Now I’m struggling to come up with more shifter books to read and none of them are sounding that interesting or worth my money to purchase. This one may be destined for failure.

Show Me the Free Challenge: 3/12 books read

I really thought I’d whip through this one. I have lots of free ebooks saved up, but the problem is that they don’t always sound so interesting after the luster wears off. Once I get over the FREE FREE FREE high, I realize that maybe it’s free because nobody else wanted to read it either. I did manage to scoop up some more promising titles recently, so I’m hopeful I can finish. I don’t want Missie to banish me from next year’s round. 🙂

Paranormal YA Challenge: 3/12 books read

The blogger running this one seems to have disappeared, so I lost a lot of momentum on this one. I quit caring about finishing because who was going to check anyway? Still, it’s the easiest to mark complete since nearly every YA book has a paranormal element, so I’m pretty sure I can finish this one.

Get Steampunked! Challenge: 3/5 books read

This one has come down to timing. I love steampunk, but took a little break, and now I’m ready to finish up.

Morbid Romantica Challenge: 6/12 books read

This challenge didn’t have as much interaction as I’d hoped for when I signed up, which is what helps keep me motivated to finish. As a result, I haven’t paid as much attention to this one. Most of the remaining categories contain books I’d like to read this year anyway, so I should be able to finish this one.

YA Series Challenge: 15/30 books read

I thought I’d breeze through this one, but now I’m feeling the pressure. I’m worried I won’t make it to 30, so I need to focus on getting through a few more of these titles each month.

Mystery & Suspense Challenge: 3/12 books read

I didn’t make as much use of the library this summer as I’d planned, so this one has taken the biggest hit as a result. I’d put off a lot of these thinking once school was out I could scream through them all summer, but…it’s August already! Ack! This one is in real danger.

Black Dagger Brotherhood Challenge: 4/9 books read

I’ve been keeping up with the monthly posts on this one fairly well…until this month. I hope to get book five done this weekend, then I’ll be back on track to finish.

Take a Chance Challenge: 1/10 books read

Yikes. This one is tougher than I’d thought. I may need to abandon this one, but I refuse to give up just yet. The categories are pretty specific on this one, so finding books in each one that I want to read is proving difficult, but if I complete this one I could win a prize, and that’s a nice dangling carrot!

Fantasy Reading Challenge: 3/6 books read

I’m doing pretty well with this one. No cause for concern just yet, other than that most fantasy books are about 900 pages longer than any other book. Gulp.

Gothic Reading Challenge: 3/5 books read

I’ve been on a roll lately with the gothic reads, so I’m looking forward to this one a lot more than I was at the beginning of the year. Shouldn’t be a problem to finish this one.

Vacation Reads Challenge: 2/6 books read

This is a summer-only challenge, so I need to get moving. There’s only a little over a month left to get through 4 books! This one may be a bust.

E-Book Challenge: 36/75 books read

I’ve surprised myself this year with how many fewer ebooks I’m reading than in years past. Do you see what you bloggers have done to me? You’ve convinced me that I need pretty covers and crisp pages in my greedy paws! As a result of both more book purchases and more ARC tours, my ebook reading has taken a hit. I might not get through this one!

Writer Musings Challenge: 69/100 books read

I seem well on track to finish this one. Not worried, but blogging has definitely increased my reading! I love it.

Overall, I realized that I need to cross-categorize titles as much as I can in order to finish. It’s just not realistic at this point to try to keep each challenge with separate titles. I had planned to do a little crossover from the beginning, but now I’m seeing that as the year goes on, more and more books come up that I want to read and I’m not able to prioritize as well. When ARC tours come through I have to drop everything and get through those, so it messes up my plans to read X number of challenge books each month.

Are you participating in any reading challenges? How is your progress? Think I can finish?

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