Squeaky Books Birthday Bash Giveaway!

I’m hosting a contest as part of
Enna Isilee’s Birthday Bash 2011
Presented by Squeaky Books
From August 22nd until September 22nd Enna Isilee at Squeaky Books is having a HUGE bash to celebrate her birthday! Thereâ??s a giveaway nearly EVERY DAY, tons of author interviews, and guest posts from a bunch different YA book bloggers. And I get to host a contest!

I get to give away a copy of Rampant by Diana Peterfreund! Entering is simple, just fill out the form (with optional bonus entries). Sorry, US only. You have until September 21st at 11:59 MST to enter. All winners will be announced on Enna Isilee’s birthday (September 22nd) on Enna Isilee’s blog (Squeaky Books). And today, Ennalee interviewed Diana at Squeaky Books. You should totally go check it out.

Want to know more about Rampant? Click here! I loved this book, so check out my review if you want to see what I had to say about it.

Without further ado, enter to win! Click below.

Click here to enter!

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10 thoughts on “Squeaky Books Birthday Bash Giveaway!

  1. Um, I just got all excited thinking that YAYAYAY I can win Rampant!!! And then I remembered that I already own it so, erm, yeah.

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