New blog design!

Welcome to the new look here at Logan E. Turner! What do you guys think?

This gorgeous design was created by Lori at Imagination Designs. You may also know her from her book blog, Pure Imagination. She worked really hard on this, and put up with a lot of changes I threw her way, but I am beyond pleased with the end result.

I still have a few little fixes to make. I need to figure out how to get my signature above the LinkWithin gadget. I need to decide whether I want to change all of my labels to a hearts rating system and not stars. Overall, though, the transition has been very smooth.

Lori is a fantastic designer who is so easy to work with. Her prices are unbeatable, but they’re going up soon so get on the waiting list now if you’re interested! I got the complete works package which included the full blog overhaul, as well as a new Twitter background and a template for business cards. I cannot recommend Lori highly enough!

If you’re having trouble navigating, find broken links, or see something that’s difficult to read, please let me know! I’m open to any and all feedback!

21 thoughts on “New blog design!

  1. Absolutely love new steampunk design!!! You and Lori did a great job together! Simply wonderful 🙂

  2. LOVE!! I love it!! And btw, I kinda, sorta, a little bit, know the signature/linkwithin fix. Email me. 🙂

  3. It's beautiful! I updated my button right away. I love the gears running down the side and the little writing cherub-thing sitting on top of the books. Fawesome. Plus, you have pull down options on your navigation bar–sooo jealous.

  4. love the new design, Logan! Love your social network buttons! I tried getting my signature before the linky for weeks, but I couldn't get it to work…. let me know if you figure out a way 🙂 Keep up the awesome design work, Lori! Diana

  5. Oh My! This is absolutely awesome! So beautifully done! A treat for my eyes!!! I love the button and will replace the old one!! Your work paid off!!Heather

  6. Oh my gosh LOVEEEEEE!!!! I love the gears and the wood background and the purple (so glad you stuck with purple) and the flowers and the asymmetrical books (:P) SO PRETTY!!!(but no more painstakingly crafted signature *sniff* Alas, it would not match).

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