It’s aliiiiive!

I’m not dead. At least, I don’t think I’m dead. With the way I’ve been staggering around my life’s path in a malaise-induced half-coma, most of the people around me might not be as convinced that I am, in fact, alive.

It’s been almost exactly a year since I started blogging, and the daily grind of it is catching up to me. Where did the joy go? When did the excitement disappear? Once I gave myself the out to focus on NaNoWriMo this month (which turned into a Big Fat FAIL), I sort of gave up the whole blogosphere. I wanted to come back refreshed and ready to tackle reviews for all of the books I’ve read in the last month. Instead, I find myself dreading the backlog and wondering if I can even offer coherent thoughts on any of them.

It’s the blogging blues, babe.

I can’t bear to close up shop, but I think that daily entries are only going to burn me out again. Moving forward, I’m going to try out a three day per week schedule. I’ll aim for one or two reviews each week, and one or two discussion or meme posts. Maybe if I put less pressure on myself, I’ll get the joy back.

What do you all do when you get behind on your blog? Or if you don’t blog, how do you find the passion in your hobbies when the going gets rough?

14 thoughts on “It’s aliiiiive!

  1. Logan!! I've missed you! 😦 But, honestly, you have to do what feels right. If that means not posting as much, then do that…but don't leave us!!! :)When I did the read-a-thon's last month, I read a few, but didn't review any at the time. At the end of it, I sat down to review them, and could not come up with the freaked me out! So, I'm definitely not doing that again. I'm reading a book, and reviewing it no later than 2 days after finishing it. So maybe, for your backlog, see which ones you really have something to say about and review those, and just let the others go. 🙂

  2. Logan, I have missed you, too!I agree with Jess: don't force yourself to review your backlog. Give yourself the freedom to start fresh.We're going to be here to read your reviews and your discussions and your meme posts whether you post every day or three times a week or once every week or less than that.

  3. LOGAN! *huggles your face* I've definitely felt this way before, but as long as Blogging is still fun for you, and not a 'job' then you should feel free to work with whatever schedule fits you best.

  4. I think we've all been in this place at some point, it's hard to keep up an everyday schedule on something that's not an actual job because then it starts to feel like one instead of the fun hobby we all started with. The blogging world will always be here, so if you need to take a step back you should do it, and just post whenever you feel inspired to do so.I always take a week off or so and just read a bunch of books for fun without writing a single review for any of them. That usually helps me get back to the place where reading was for fun and not for review purposes:)HUGE HUGS

  5. I think every blogger goes through this. I don't post every day anyway. If I'm lucky, I get two reviews in a week, but sometimes it's one. I've been sidetracked by some family stuff lately and I can't devote a ton of time to my blog or even commenting! So, I basically just stay in the swing through Twitter and try to do what I can. Blogging is supposed to be fun after all! Hope you get your groove back!

  6. I would NOT have been okay with you packing it in entirely. But I completely understand the blogging burnout. I drive myself nuts trying to make sure I have new content every day…and often regret it. How does one have a balanced life that includes blogging? I have no idea. I think we're all trying to figure that one out.

  7. I'm kind of there now. I hit the year mark in January. Really it is my Google Reader that is discouraging me. After finals, I think I'm just going to look to the future and forget trying to catch up. It makes me feel more positive about the whole thing.For your backlog. Just do a bunch of mini reviews in one post and keep it moving.Just don't stress about it. Bloggers totally understand.

  8. Keep your head up, chica. I've calmed down my blogging schedule, as well. I don't have the time anymore, and I'd rather read in my spare time. Heh.Take the time you need. We will be here! ?

  9. Logan-Like everyone above said, I think we all get there. Mine was when we moved and I didn't have internet access and then had the excuse of unpacking to avoid blogging. (I'm still not unpacked, 6 months).Do what you have to. The fun will come back. Find some great books and review one. Sorry about NaNo, but there's nothing to keep you from continuing to write that novel that sounded so interesting.Blogging should be fun. Try to remember what made it fun in the beginning. And do what you gotta!Heather

  10. I know what you mean! My solution was to give myself a more realistic goal. I CAN blog at least once a week, and well, darn it I will do it. I was killing myself doing 3 or more posts a week and it was taking a toll. Find a good balance and make it work for you! Hang in there. Love your blog.

  11. I missed you!! Please don't go away forever 🙂 I will be inconsolable! If you don't HAVE to review any of your backlog, then just wipe it clean. Or do mini reviews if you really want to write something. I think a lighter schedule is a good idea. I have a hard time keeping up with reading every blog I follow, so I almost prefer it when people don't post daily. I worry that I'm overwhelming people by posting so often. Plus, yeah, it's easy to burn out.

  12. I don't know how people do it, blogging every day, always coming up with creative and well thought out posts, commenting on multiple blogs, and still managing to read multiple books a week on top of that. If ever I were to try to accomplish that, I just know blogging would become a chore for me and a hobby should never be that. So I think the lighter schedule and less pressure is a good idea. I've missed your reviews! They're some of the best laid out and most thoughtful that I know.

  13. Logan – Welcome back, I love your new blog look. I have been lagging on posting and commenting too. But only because life gets in the way. I feel like its still fun. I just don't stress about not getting up lots of posts. Many times I just sit down and write blog posts and then schedule them throughout the week instead of writing each day. I have a strange 12hr work schedule which forces improvising and thinking outside the box.I'm will Small, I'd be very sad if you were gone.

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