2011 Challenge Wrap Up

Reading Challenge Addict

As 2011 comes to a close and I reflect on my many reading challenges attempted this year, I’ve learned some valuable lessons for 2012. I was most successful reading books in categories I already read a lot (duh), and where I found the easiest access to the books (double duh). Although there were some surprises, for the most part it’s not hard to see why I failed at a lot of these.

Debut Author Challenge – 12/12 books read, and then some

Lesson learned: This one was the most surprising – I was on track for most of the year and found I was more excited to read some of the debut books than I was for books by known and beloved authors. I discovered this year that I love supporting debut authors and reading books with fresh voices. Because I don’t know the authors, I don’t really know what to expect, which made reading fun and exciting.

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: Already signed up.

YA Historical Fiction Challenge – 11/15 books read

Lesson learned: I love historical fiction, but not all of it is YA. I had a lot of books I wanted to count, until I realized they were adult fiction. Still, I love the genre regardless of age group and wish I could have completed this one.

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: Definitely signing up, but at a lower level.

Shifter Challenge – 11/20 books read

Lesson learned: Really? With one of the easiest lists to put together, I still couldn’t make this happen? I think I just got distracted by other reads, and had some disappointing experiences on some new series that prevented me from filling up the list with their sequels. I think I prefer my shifters in moderation.

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: Slim.

Show Me the Free Challenge – 4/12 books read

Lesson learned: I may get them for free, but that doesn’t make them any more appealing, particularly if the ONLY reason I got it was because it was free. I had a hard time making myself read these.

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: Definitely giving it another go, because 1) Missie is awesome; and 2) if I don’t sign up, I’ll NEVER read these darned free books!

Paranormal YA Reading Challenge – 12/12 books read

Lesson learned: Very easy to complete, but the blogger hosting this one disappeared, then changed her blog name a bunch of times, and I gave up trying to find her again.

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: Zero.

Get Steampunked! Challenge – 4/5 books read

Lesson learned: SO CLOSE! I have steampunk galore sitting on my shelves, and having started Soulless there’s still a chance I can finish this challenge. I did learn, however, that I love this genre hardcore and can’t wait to read more.

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: Guaranteed!

Morbid Romantica Challenge – 11/12 books read

Lesson learned: I loved that this one featured a different category each month. The variety kept the challenge fresh every month.

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: Good.

YA Series Challenge – 19/30 books read

Lesson learned: I read a lot more new series books than old ones, and didn’t feel the need to finish a lot of series I started. Still, it’s so satisfying marking off series books so I’m definitely doing this one again.

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: Guaranteed!

Mystery & Suspense Reading Challenge – 9/12 books read

Lesson learned: I may love reading these, but I don’t like reviewing them. I think I’ll keep this category as a pleasure read and not a blog read.

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: Very slim.

Black Dagger Brotherhood Challenge – 6/9 books read

Lesson learned: I got a bit BDB-ed out midway through this challenge. The stories got less interesting, and I wish more people had participated in Bookaholic Does Blogging’s book club discussions of the series. So interesting, but where was everyone?

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: I don’t plan to re-read any of these, so no challenge for me.

Take a Chance Challenge 3 – 3/10 books read

Lesson learned: The categories were not as fun as I had hoped, and didn’t drum up very many books I actually wanted to read. HUGE FAIL.

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: Very slim.

Fantasy Reading Challenge – 6/6 books read

Lesson learned: Wow, I read more fantasy than I thought I would. I’m not sure I need a challenge to keep me reading in this genre.

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: Slim.

Gothic Reading Challenge – 3/5 books read

Lesson learned: There’s not a lot of gothic fiction out there, and with such a small genre I had a hard time finding books I wanted to read that fit in. I do like gothic fiction a lot, though, but haven’t decided if I want to do another challenge.

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: 50/50.

Vacation Reads Challenge – 6/6 books read, but not in dedicated time frame

Lesson learned: Short term challenges are even harder for me. I think I’ll stick to year-long ones.

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: Not good.

E-book Challenge – 48/75 books read

Lesson learned: I really overestimated how many ebooks I’d be reading this year. Because of all the tours I joined, I read a lot more physical books than I thought. This easily accounted for my deficit in this challenge.

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: Not good.

Writer Musings Reading Challenge – 119/100 books read, and counting

Lesson learned: I’m bad at remembering to link up my reviews, but Tabitha gives away great prizes so if she does this again, I think I’ll sign up. I was SHOCKED at how many books I was able to read this year, even if some of them are graphic novels. I used the Goodreads challenge to track my numbers this year, so I hope they do it again in 2012!

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: Good.

Reading Challenge Addict – 5/17 challenges complete

Lesson learned: Too many challenges, too little time. I need to read more crossover books and be more judicious in my challenge selections next year. I also want to try out some new ones, so I doubt the total volume will decrease much.

Likelihood I’ll sign up next year: Almost guaranteed.

I’ll start posting my sign-up posts for 2012 in the next few weeks, so consider this a pre-emptive apology for glutting up your feeds. 🙂

6 thoughts on “2011 Challenge Wrap Up

  1. Wow, you've been reading a lot of books this year! Great job, you did better than I would have with all of those challenges.

  2. This post makes me want to run and sign up for more challenges. Lol. You did so well and you read so much.I had the same result with the ebook challenge that you did. I didn't count on how many physical books I would read because of review requests and tours.

  3. Well, I know I'm still incredibly impressed by how much you got done, even if you feel like you failed. Even if you only completed 5 out of 17, it seems like you came very close on a lot of them. Still, I can understand why you won't be continuing on with a lot of these again next year.I've decided for next year, I'm going to take the approach that you took in 2011: signing up for lots and lots (13 so far). Sure, there's a far higher chance that I'll fail, and fail hard, but I felt I didn't really challenge myself last year (only 3), and isn't that the point of reading challenges – to challenge yourself?I'm looking forward to seeing which ones you've signed up for in 2012!

  4. I enjoyed reading your reflections, Logan. Sounds like you learned a lot from the challenges you attempted, I think that counts for a lot! I've not heard of the Writer Musings Reading Challenge, curious to know what its about and I was very impressed you did so well at it!

  5. WHOA!! You were signed up for SO many challenges! That's amazing. I am glad to see that you're still eager to participate. Good luck!

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