2012 First in the Series Challenge

**I’ve swiped Small Review‘s format for these sign-up posts, because she is awesome and organized and I am lazy and harried**

Challenge Basics:

Name: 2012 First in a Series Challenge
Hosts: A Few More Pages

Starts: January 1, 2012
Ends: December 31, 2012
Eligible Books: Any books read and reviewed in 2012 that are the start of a series.
Levels: Four. I’m choosing the Series Expert level: 12 series.
Prizes? None.
Sign up here!

Why I’m Interested:

During the course of last year, I started quite a few new series. Since there are always new series coming out in YA fiction, and I still have a few I’d like to start, this challenge seemed appropriate.

Some books I’m considering:

Halfway to the Grave
The Ivy
Personal Demons

Books completed:

Check my progress all year on the sidebar or on my 2012 Challenge Index.

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