Review: Vanish by Sophie Jordan

Book: Vanish
Author: Sophie Jordan
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release date: September 6, 2011
Source: Borrowed ebook from library
Series: Firelight #2


Summary from Goodreads:

To save the life of the boy she loves, Jacinda did the unthinkable: She betrayed the most closely-guarded secret of her kind. Now she must return to the protection of her pride knowing she might never see Will againâ??and worse, that because his mind has been shaded, Willâ??s memories of that fateful night and why she had to flee are gone.

Back home, Jacinda is greeted with hostility and must work to prove her loyalty for both her sake and her familyâ??s. Among the few who will even talk to her are Cassian, the prideâ??s heir apparent who has always wanted her, and her sister, Tamra, who has been forever changed by a twist of fate. Jacinda knows that she should forget Will and move onâ??that if he managed to remember and keep his promise to find her, it would only endanger them both. Yet she clings to the hope that someday they will be together again. When the chance arrives to follow her heart, will she risk everything for love?

First impressions: The beginning of this book picks up almost immediately after the events of book one, Firelight. There were just enough details to remind me of what transpired without bogging us down in a full recap. Nicely done.

Lasting impressions: The threat of the draki hunters pervades this entire book, which I found raised the stakes of this plot when compared to Firelight. I love danger!

Conflicting impressions: While I love the draki shifter world, I don’t find Jacinda and her love interests to be totally swoon-worthy. These books are fun reads, but don’t quite get me to gush.

Overall impressions: Secrets are a big part of life when you’re a shifter. In Jacinda’s case, she can shift into a draki – a dragon-like creature able to fly. Jacinda has the added ability of being a fire-breather, which makes her something of a rarity in her community. In the first book, she was forced to deny her draki self and live as a normal high schooler (the horror!), where she met and fell in love with Will.

In order to save his life, Jacinda betrays the draki and is forced to flee back to her home among them, where she is shamed and reviled. While the first book saw Jacinda struggling to keep her draki nature a secret, in this book she’s trying to keep her feelings for Will a secret. Meanwhile, Cassian is a powerful young draki who wants to win her heart. 

Jacinda’s conflicted feelings about Will and Cassian and her destiny are vivid and entertaining. She also experiences a huge turn of events with her sister, who once used to be ignored and cast out by the draki but is now one of the revered among them. Jacinda goes from hot commodity to yesterday’s garbage, and I found her emotions believable and sympathetic. Yet I would have liked to have seen even more conflict from her sister – their bond seemed less heartfelt and more like a plot device at times. 

The action is exciting, and there are several awful villains to root against. I especially loved getting to see Jacinda fly again, and hope we get another entry in this unique series.

Rating: 3/5 stars 

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