The State of Things

This post should really be titled “The State of Things, in which I try to explain the level of crazy that has become my life.” In an effort to balance the many demands on my time these last few months, blogging has fallen to the wayside. Today, I’ll tell you why.

First and foremost in my priorities, but probably highest on the list of Nobody Else Cares, is that since the end of May I have been completing a group weight loss program at my gym with Dear Old Husband. For two hours on both Tuesday and Thursday nights, we (along with 4 others) have been working out, setting goals, and learning nutrition with a team of personal trainers, a wellcoach, and a registered dietitian. It’s a 12 week program, and it ends next week. This is simultaneously relieving and terrifying.

Because this was a pricey program (as all things that are good for you tend to be, amirite?), it has taken a lot of my focus. When I’m not “in class” on those Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m typically at the gym anyway. I’m trying to figure out the best way to balance the need to work out with needing to, you know, have a life, but as a person who tends to get a wee bit obsessed with whatever is my current focus du jour, it’s difficult.

The second time drain, which is probably off the Nobody Else Cares list, but climbing the Oh That’s Nice But We Still Don’t Care That Much list is the fact that I’m also training for the Chicago Triathlon at the end of the month. This will be my second time doing Chicago, but my sixth(!!) triathlon total. So I’m spending even more hours in the gym and at the beach working on my swimming, biking, and running.

Combine these things with the fact that I’d rather spend my time writing my novel and not necessarily reviews, and it all adds up to one seriously neglected blog. I’ve become dissatisfied with my reviews and the rigid format I’ve set up for myself with their structure. I haven’t been reading much this year, and some of the books I do read are not ones the readers of this blog would be most interested in. 

I’ve played with the idea of turning this into more of a writing blog, but I don’t have a whole lot to say as it gets completed other than, “I’m working on it.” Heh. And I do love to talk about books, so maybe I just shouldn’t review them, in the typical sense. During the Outlander read-along, Laura and Carrie and I had a conversation about how we like discussing books more than reviewing them. That’s something I’m going to try, starting this week. Look for a more discussion-oriented post on The Selection  by Kiera Cass. We’ll see how it goes.

And now on to FUN things. Last Thursday was my birthday, and I bought lots of good presents for myself with gift cards:

I have wanted to read Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel for a really long time, and I’ve been curious about Deborah Harkness’ A Discovery of Witches, especially since the sequel came out and everyone’s again talking about how amazing it is. Railsea by China Miéville caught my eye right away, but after I learned it had illustrations, that spurred me to buy the hardcover.

Surprise, surprise – a fitness book! I bought Run Faster to help with my running, as I move from focusing on the triathlon to the two 5K races I signed up for in September, followed by a 15K in November, with the big goal of finishing the Disney’s Princess Half Marathon in Orlando next February. I also bought a copy of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way to help with my creativity and writing, but it was on my nightstand and husband was still sleeping while I took these pictures, thus the lack of photo.

And because buying books usually leads to wanting to read more books, I also picked up some library books:

I grabbed all of the Austen I could find on my branch’s shelves for Roof Beam Reader’s Austen in August event: Northanger Abbey, Pride & Prejudice, and Emma.

I LOVE the hilarious and multi-talented Mindy Kaling. If you don’t know her (writer and actress for The Office, small movie roles), you soon will, as she’s getting her own show this fall (The Mindy Project). This has been on my to-read list for far too long. I also picked up Jonah Lehrer’s How We Decide, because I love nonfiction, particularly if it has a psychology focus.

Finally, I picked up two books on hold I’ve been dying to read: Agent 6, the third in a BRILLIANT spy thriller/murder mystery series set in Cold War Soviet Russia by Tom Rob Smith, and The Yard by Alex Grecian, a Victorian detective novel. 

Oh, and for a bit of levity, I leave you with this awesome pack of bookmarks I picked up from the sale bin at Blick Art Supply over the weekend:

These should help me think up bookish points to discuss, no?





17 thoughts on “The State of Things

  1. I am totally for book discussions–they are so much more fun than reviews!

    How awesome that you are so fitness orientated—I need a little of that juju!


    • Oh goody! We have pretty similar tastes so this bodes well for my enjoyment of them. A woman at my office has raved about Wolf Hall and she hardly ever steers me wrong either.

  2. Good for you! I totally wish I could do something like that. I work out regularly, but I’ve plateaued, especially lately. I’ve never worked with a dietician before (though I have had a personal trainer or two), and that, I bet is the key. Also, someone to help me with all that accountability nonsense. None of this means I’ll be sorry to be seeing less of you. You’re withdrawing! STOP IT!

    I love bookish discussions! I think I might like them better than reviewing books myself. I’ve been listening to Spark lately, and when I do, it reminds me of that time when you, Small and I chatted about Glow. That was so cathartic, and we need to do it for Spark.

    ALSO: You can’t not read Persuasion. Seriously. It’s my favorite Austen. And the movie’s pretty good, too. So, change your plan, lady!

    • I’m reading Persuasion first! I’m about 15% through right now. Wentworth is just about to arrive…

      Accountability is my biggest motivator. I’m pretty active on the site and I love the challenges and stuff that require me to post my workout and food logs. And the people are phenomenal.

      Is Spark the sequel to Glow? What do you think so far? That’s the kind of discussion feel I’m going for. I finished The Selection and needed to talk it over with someone so I sent my sister a copy and made her read it so we could discuss. I’m tired of reviewing by way of making a recommendation. I want to talk about what I thought of a book and why parts did or didn’t work for me without feeling the pressure to have a particular audience in mind. Gotta bring the joy back!

      • We can discuss Persuasion, then! I just read For Darkness Shows the Stars, so I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

        I’m not as good at online accountability as I am at in-person. There, that’s my guilty secret.

        Spark is, indeed, the sequel to Glow. It’s, perhaps, less bizarre than Glow, but still immensely frustrating. I remember that feeling of wanting the characters to say certain, intelligent, logical thinks at important times and them completely failing to do so.

      • I can’t wait to see your review now! I might have to read FDSTS after I finish Persuasion. Now that Wentworth appeared, things are picking up and I’m loving it.

      • I loved our Glow discussion! I would love to have more bookish discussions. Problem for me is trying to coordinate reading the same book at the same time with other people.

      • Very true. I think it works best when you just happen to be reading the same book or if everyone’s in the mood for the same thing.

  3. I am so proud and in awe of you, Logan! A triathlon, wow, I’m terrified of the word. I think it’s great that you’re doing so many positive things for yourself. I hear you on balancing time for blogging and time for other things though. I’m struggling with it now too. If your blog is too rigid for you now, switch it up! Write your reviews however you want 🙂 I’d definitely love more discussion-oriented posts.

    Also, happy belated birthday!!! *HUGS*

  4. Oh, I don’t know whether you could really categorize those things under Nobody Cares because I think they’re pretty awesome! Your SIXTH?! Triathlon? Oh wow. I can’t even imagine how much work and training you would need to put into all that. Happy belated birthday! I believe yours is the day after mine (August 1st).

    I don’t think you need to worry about categorizing your blog as a reading or writing blog or whatever. I actually quite like varied content. And I know some blog readers only want to see book related posts on the blogs they subscribe to, but I also like more personal posts like this. I wish I could pull it off more. The same goes for your reviews/discussions, I think – they don’t need to be only YA related. I really have no idea about any of the books you posted, and it’s for that reason that I would actually love to hear more about them. I don’t know, I guess I just don’t think you need to give yourself such strict limits for your blog if you don’t need to!

    Anyways, sorry for the lateness of this. That bookmark is amazing!

    • Actually, I’m a week earlier than you – 7/26. I’m just really late posting this. 🙂

      Thanks for saying that, Aylee. I also like having more personal posts than just bookish ones, so it’s good to know at least one person out there would like reading it!

  5. Logan – I’m so proud of you for all you are doing. The weight loss-personal trainer-nutritional education is really cool. Even better you and your hubby are doing it together. I wish you the best in your triathalon. I miss your blog post, but totally get how life can get in the way. I really thought your book discussion idea was great. I also would say, don’t worry about what others think about your book reviews. Whatever you are reading, if you want to review it here – do! Just tag it as Adult Fiction or whatever else it may be.

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