You know that thing where you keep meaning to call/email someone, and then you forget, and then so much time passes that you know it’s going to take more than just a quick call/email to catch up, so you put off that phone call/email? And then more time passes and the next thing you know a month or two have gone by and now you’re embarrassed and wonder if it’s weird to call/email now? And then after a few more months you start to think that maybe you should just never contact them again because it’s going to be super awkward to pop back up into their lives?

This = that.

So much has been going on that I don’t even know where to start.

  • I’ve been reading, but mostly adult and non-fiction books. A friend of mine just started a new YA book club, though, and the break from YA fiction has me energized to get back into it.
  • I’ve been writing, but the process is slow. I just finished up an online course on Scrivener and another on YA Steampunk, and I started a 4 week workshop on Writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I re-enrolled in the monthly Advanced YA Fiction Workshop that I had to miss during the summer session. I’m still hedging on whether to try NaNoWriMo again this year. 
  • I’ve been running my fool head off, and completed not just the planned one (Chicago) but TWO triathlons and two 5K races in the span of a month. I’m still training for the 15K in November, registered for a 10-mile race in May, and plan to run at least two half marathons in the spring.
  • I joined the Masters swim team and a team fitness challenge at my gym. I am officially a workout junkie, and can happily report that I’ve lost 23 pounds since Memorial Day.
  • I’m working on five different computer science/programming courses simultaneously on and I plan to roll my sleeves up and dig into HTML5 and CSS3 when these are done.

In light of all the crazy listed above, the format of this blog is going to change a little. I love books, but they are only one small section of my life. I’d like to share more than just my reviews with you. If that’s all I have to offer, then I might as well close up shop and move to Goodreads, amirite? I realize some of you may not care about the cool bit of computer nerdery I cooked up, or whether I PR’ed in my last road race. But I’m a sharer. It’s what I do.

I hope to work out some semblance of a schedule in the coming weeks so you know when to expect what randomness will come out of this blog. There will still be reviews, probably of both YA and adult books, as well as the return of Writing Wednesdays. The other stuff will fill in the blank spaces. 

It’s good to be back.



23 thoughts on “Back!

  1. Holy crap! You ARE a fitness junkie now! GOOD FOR YOU! I hope it rubs off on me. I’m slowly easing into it, but I will never run a marathon with my knees.

    You’ve done a LOT in this break, Logan. Keep up the amazing strides in your life. Don’t slow down now!

  2. Welcome back!

    I will be here no matter what you are posting about! I follow plenty of lifestyle bloggers because I like them as people 🙂 I can’t wait to learn more about the rest of your life!

  3. Logan, I’m just happy to see you back. I’m excited at all the wonderful things you have a hand in lately. You are very inspiring and have a lot on your plate. I will continue to read and follow you blog where ever it may take me, I look forward to it! Welcome back!

  4. Logan! Aw, you can come back, post anything at any time in any capacity and I would be happy just to hear from you, promise! And honestly, can anyone blame you from being absent from the blog when you have THAT much going on?! Congrats on becoming a workout junkie!! It must be nice to say that you’ve successfully completed a triathlon. Really satisfying I would think! I wish I could say the same, anyway. Maybe one day. Anyways congrats on the races and the writing!!

    • I always tell people that triathlon SOUNDS way scarier than it actually is. You swim a little, you bike a little, and you run a little. It’s hard, but in a good way. It’s very addictive too!

  5. Oh my gosh, your whole first paragraph is SO where I”m at right now with more people than I should probably admit to. I’ve been swamped! Can I claim their emails got lost in the mix? I ❤ you so much for writing that whole paragraph up. I still feel guilty, but now I feel like at least I'm not alone 🙂

    AND YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!! *flails and dies of happiness* I have missed you SO MUCH!!! I can't believe how much you've been doing and accomplishing! I'm totally and officially the slacker half of this relationship now. *HUGS* I am so proud of you!

  6. Logan! I’m more slacker than you are because it took me almost a month to come back and check if you’d updated. *Hangs head* I’ve been a complete friend failure. Honestly, I have retreated back into a tiny shell. Occasionally I poke my head out to respond to Small’s emails, but there you have it. My reasons are definitely not as noble as yours.

    I am seriously impressed by your devotion to writing! I hope I get to read something of yours one day. If you ever need a beta reader, remember me!

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