Beautiful Creatures Reading a Deux Week 3


With the impending release of the Beautiful Creatures movie, Ruby at Ruby’s Reads asked if anyone was up for a read-along of the book. I hadn’t read it yet, and I’m always down for reading a book before seeing the movie, so I said yes please!

We divided the book into four sections, and each Tuesday we’re trading off asking each other questions about each section. Today I’m presenting the third set of questions, and Ruby’s responses. Next week you can visit Ruby’s Reads to see the last set of answers I have for Ruby!

Well let’s get to it!
1) During Thanksgiving dinner, we get some pretty shocking information about who Lena is up against. This makes an already sucky situation even worse, and adds to the feelings of betrayal and helplessness Lena’s experiencing. Have you ever faced a situation where you had to oppose a loved one?
Not really. I mean, we’ve all been in those kinds of situations in a minor way but (knock on wood), I’ve never had to seriously oppose a loved one in a serious way. I don’t know what else to say about this, except that I feel so fortunate to have my family, to be close to them, and to not be in constant conflict.
2) In the library, we get to see the end of Genevieve’s story play out. The Book of Moons giveth, and it taketh away. Does the bargain she struck seem worth it? 
Well, no! But if there’s anything reading paranormal fiction has taught me, it’s that such bargains arenever worth striking.
3) No teen outcast story can be complete without a prom-gone-awry sequence. What did you make of their decision to go, given how little they’ve been involved with school? How did you feel about how everything played out at the dance?
Well, I knew going to the dance wasn’t going to be all that and a bag of chips, even if Lena didn’t. And I don’t think she made it any easier on herself by the way she dressed. I realize that Gatlin’s small-mindedness isn’t Lena’s fault, but wearing crescent moons and not expecting hostilities? She was dreaming. As for the dance itself, well, shades of Carrie was pretty much what I was expecting, and I was also just waiting for Ridley to make her reappearance.
4) At the end of this section, Ethan finally breaks into his dad’s study, and he learns some important things about his parents. Did this change how you feel about his dad? Do you think Ethan’s mom is going to figure into this story more?
Learning more about Ethan’s dad did not change how I felt about them. Parents who neglect their children out of grief for a lost spouse are probably my least favorite YA stereotype, after just plain dead parents. I’m hoping to see some functional parent/child relationships in YA one of these days. As for Ethan’s mom, well, once we knew Marian was involved, it didn’t take a genius to figure out she must’ve known something as well.
Thanks for the great responses Ruby! Don’t forget to come back next Tuesday, and please chime in with your own responses in the comments!