Silly Sunday – Game of Thrones parodies

In honor of tonight’s Season 3 premiere, here are two of my favorite Game of Thrones parodies. 

It was either that or people doing weird things in Easter Bunny costumes. You’re welcome.

First up, the SNL clip skewering the show’s use of nudity:

And this one is just all kinds of right.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, there are 14 more videos available here.

Silly Sunday – American English

While abroad last month, the hubs and I had a discussion about what American English sounds like to non-speakers that may be in earshot. He informed me there was a video about this on YouTube, and showed it to me back at our hotel.

AND I CAN’T STOP WATCHING IT. It’s a hilariously odd video from an Italian television show where he’s singing gibberish that sounds like American English. It’s so bizarre, but catchy, and it makes me laugh.


Silly Sunday is back! – Shit [blank]s Say

Can you believe it’s been almost a year since I last did a Silly Sunday?! Yikes! Time to get back in the game. Life is too funny to go without giggles.

Today I’m caving to the Shit ___ Say meme, but only because I find it really, really funny. Frankly, I’m glad that @ShitGirlsSay spawned an internet craze of hilarious (and not-so-hilarious) knock-offs. The more the merrier.

If you haven’t seen the original, behold:

Shit Girls Say


There are two more episodes on YouTube, but the third one is not so great. I highly recommend Episode 2, though. “That poor dog needs water!”

As a book blogger, I can hardly ignore my own group’s contribution to the meme:

Sh*t Book Bloggers Say

Finally, in what I deem to be the most hilarious of them all, I give you:

Sh*t Nobody Says

If anyone needs help with that Papyrus problem, I can take care of that for you.

Silly Sunday – Laser Cats

I admit it. I am a huge Saturday Night Live fan. I’ve watched it fairly regularly over the course of my life, but the Digital Short era is fast becoming my favorite.

Of all the digital shorts, however, Laser Cats is la creme de la creme. Every time they air a new one I howl with glee. They keep getting better – more extravagant, more guest stars, and more funny shots of Lorne pretending to be mad.

This next video is a later installment:

And finally, Laser Cats jumped on the musical bandwagon with guest host Elton John last week:

If you’re interested in seeing the entire saga, Hulu has a playlist with all six Laser Cats videos.

Silly Sunday – Vampire Diaries Parody

I have three confessions to make: 1) I love The Vampire Diaries TV show more than life itself; 2) I want Ian Somerhalder to be my best friend; and 3) I don’t plan to ever read the L.J. Smith books.

I know you’re probably thinking “Best friend? Get real. I want Ian to be my luvah.” Don’t get me wrong. The man is smoking hot. I’ve loved him since his Young Americans days when he cavorted with Kate Bosworth and Katherine Moennig before they became famous. The fact is, though, that I have a beautiful husband already. Ian Somerhalder is not just a hottie actor, either. He’s an altruistic soul who tweets endlessly about ethical treatment of animals and the planet. He’s into saving the world in all of my favorite ways, and for that I want him to be my BFF.

But enough about arm candy. Let’s talk TVD. I’ll admit that my primary motivation for watching was one Mr. Somerhalder, but you know…also that whole hot vampire thing. This show, while mainly marketed to the teenaged set, also happens to be plain old effing good television. As much as my husband and family make fun of me, I can’t get enough of it. Plot twists nearly every week that – GASP! – get resolved. It moves quickly, has plenty of humor, lots of heart, and more beautiful people than should legally be allowed on the same show.

I’m team Jerefelboncartymon. (Which is to say, JERemy, stEFan, ELena, BONnie, CARoline, TYler and daMON.)

You’d think, being the voracious reader that I am, that this would also mean I’d devour the L.J. Smith series on which the show is based. You’d be wrong. I’m such a huge fan of the show now that I’m afraid the books will never live up to my expectations. Have any of you read them? Tell me if I’m wrong.

Anyway, this was all a very big lead-in to a video I found via an Ian Somerhalder tweet (@iansomerhalder). It’s a parody of TVD by The Hillywood Show. It’s not quite as funny as I hoped for, since most of it is just one long music video, but the opening bit with the brothers is clever, complete with Stefan’s endless rolling up of his shirtsleeves. They have the mannerisms down pat.

I like the outtakes at the end, too.

Silly Sunday – Sleepiest Cat Ever

This week was full-on crazy town. I was up well after midnight every night, either doing homework, or going out with friends. Finals are over, I have a week off to relax a little and gear up for my last quarter, and I am so happy to have two full weeks off from work.

That said, this weekend I was the sleep monster. Yesterday I could have stayed in bed all day and been fine, but hubs made me get up at noon. LAME. Today he actually made me get up at 8:00 a.m. to go to a SPINNING CLASS. I was literally dragging my feet around the house while preparing for that little gem. Afterwards I rewarded myself with a giant fatty omelet that had bacon AND ham in it. Goooo cholesterol!

This cat video pretty much sums up how I went to sleep every night. I’m going, I’m going, I’m going…crash.

Ugh. I’m still sleepy.

Silly Sunday – Bronte Sisters Power Dolls

I’m hard at work on a couple of papers this week, so I’m keeping things simple today. I started reading Jane Eyre on Friday, so I can try to finish it before I see the movie. In honor of Charlotte Bronte and all of the other 19th century female writers who did what they loved despite a culture that did everything to keep them from it, I give you the Bronte Sisters Power Dolls.

Take that, boys’ club! We women are here to stay!

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