Review Policies


UPDATE 1/1/14:



Dear Authors, Publishers and Agents,

If you are interested in having me review a book, please read the following guidelines. Review requests should be directed to loganeturnerblog AT gmail DOT com. Include the title, genre, publication date, available formats and any specific requests (including turnaround times).

I accept review copies for all genres and subgenres of YA fiction, as well as adult urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and historical (including steampunk) fiction. I am generally not interested in middle grade books, epic fantasy, non-fiction, short format or novella length works. I will accept both published and self-published authors.

My preferred format is ebook, though I also accept printed copies (finished, ARC or galleys). Ebooks are accepted in any of the following formats:

  • .PDF
  • .AZW or .AZW1
  • .MOBI
  • .PRC
  • .DOC, .TXT or .RTF
  • .HTML or .HTM
  • .JPEG, .JPG, .GIF, .BMP or .PNG
  • .ZIP

Please do not attach books to review request submissions unless I ask you to do so. All electronic galleys are deleted after review and any ARCs will never be sold. I take piracy very seriously.

Reviews are done as close as possible to publication date order. In other words, I try to read review copies in the order in which they will be published. If you have a specific timeframe in which you would like the review posted (e.g. one month prior to publication, date of publication, etc.), please specify that in your review request. I try to have reviews up no more than two weeks prior to release.

Reviews are posted to this blog and All blog posts are tweeted. I can post to other locations upon request. Along with my review, I post links to the cover and purchase page. I am not an Amazon Affiliate. At my discretion or per your request, purchase links may be directed to other retailers. Links to author websites, Twitter/Facebook accounts, or any other publicity materials can be added at my discretion or upon request. Please contact me if you would like to work out a promotion or giveaway around my review.

I reserve the right to refuse review copies for any reason and to write a review that may be unfavorable. I cannot guarantee turnaround times for review.

Questions? Feel free to email me. I look forward to working with you.


Logan E. Turner

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