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I am in the process of migrating my blog to WordPress, so there will be some downtime and changes to the layout over the next week or so. Please bear with me!

For the next few days, my domain ( will not be working. This blog will be accessible via the Blogger domain, at

Blogger or WordPress? Pros and Cons

Lots of people probably don’t know this, but back in December 2011 when I started this wee blog, it was hosted by I loved the dashboard, loved the ease of use, and loved its emphasis on clean design. I quickly came to realize, however, that nearly every other book blogger out there was using Blogger, and they all had this fancy Google Friend Connect gadget that I couldn’t use on WordPress.

Determined to not be a fish out of water, and wanting to grow my readership, I decided to switch over to Blogger. You’d be surprised how many “Blogger to WordPress” articles I found, and how very few there were for people like me who wanted to do the reverse. Maybe I should have taken the hint.

After the announcement several months ago that GFC is on the outs, and more bloggers experiencing difficulties with Google and/or Blogger, several prominent blogs switched over to WordPress. More and more of the blogs I follow started doing the same. And the more WP blogs I saw, the more I started to envy my old WP platform and regret my choice to jump ship when I did.

Now I’m re-examining my options from the perspective of a somewhat established blogger instead of a newbie. I know more about what I’m doing, and what I want from my blog. I also know more about the kind of experience I want to provide my readers. I’m still comfortably parked on the fence, but I’m taking this discussion to the blog to gain some insight from you, dear readers.

As a blog reader, do you have a preference?

If you are a blogger, why do you prefer the platform you use?

Here is my own, personal take on the matter:


  • Integrates seamlessly with Google
  • Is familiar to me after a year of use
  • Has more options for free gadgets
  • Is easier for fellow Blogger users to comment


  • Has a more intuitive dashboard
  • Is easier to use to format posts
  • Provides advance URLs
  • Creates post templates

Some of my primary complaints have been addressed by both – Blogger now offers threaded comments *update* threaded comments won’t work with my blog design, unless I make a stylistic choice to abandon the transparency over my background image – SAD!; WordPress now offers more customization via HTML/CSS. I’m very happy with my new blog design, and it has been a factor in my decision not to move to WordPress just yet. With limiting the ability to customize their templates, it forces me to only consider the self-hosted option, which will require me to pay a monthly hosting fee in perpetuity. That’s asking a lot of commitment, and I’m concerned I don’t have the HTML/CSS skills to get the full use out of self-hosting.

If any of you have made the switch from Blogger to WordPress, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the migrating process. As it stands for me, the self-hosting hurdle is a big one for me to overcome, and will require more research on my part – which I’m not sure I’m ready to invest right now.

But I really am curious…what do you all think of this?

New blog design!

Welcome to the new look here at Logan E. Turner! What do you guys think?

This gorgeous design was created by Lori at Imagination Designs. You may also know her from her book blog, Pure Imagination. She worked really hard on this, and put up with a lot of changes I threw her way, but I am beyond pleased with the end result.

I still have a few little fixes to make. I need to figure out how to get my signature above the LinkWithin gadget. I need to decide whether I want to change all of my labels to a hearts rating system and not stars. Overall, though, the transition has been very smooth.

Lori is a fantastic designer who is so easy to work with. Her prices are unbeatable, but they’re going up soon so get on the waiting list now if you’re interested! I got the complete works package which included the full blog overhaul, as well as a new Twitter background and a template for business cards. I cannot recommend Lori highly enough!

If you’re having trouble navigating, find broken links, or see something that’s difficult to read, please let me know! I’m open to any and all feedback!


Changes are a-comin’ folks!

Things may start looking a little wonky around here as I prepare for installation of my new blog design (see: menu bar). Bear with me. I promise it is going to look ah-maze-ing when all is said and done. I don’t know yet the exact day everything’s getting installed, but it is coming up soon.

I spent all last night working on the new pages and things I needed to set up for the new layout, so I didn’t get a chance to put my comic book review post together. I will get to it soon, however, because I’m now caught up on the American Vampire series and it only gets better. I can’t wait to introduce you to it.

Stay tuned!

New look!

After careful consideration, I have decided to switch my blog host from WordPress to Blogger. If you had a subscription through the old site it may not work correctly. I hope you’ll sign up on the new platform and continue following. Thanks!