Guest Post: Meet Myrna from ODESSA by Rebecca Ryals Russell

Today we have a special guest on the blog: Myrna from the new Seraphym Wars series by Rebecca Ryals Russell. The first book, Odessa, is out now and looks like a unique YA dark fantasy. I am really looking forward to reading it! I am the last stop on the Odessa Blog Tour, so be sure to check out the Seraphym Wars page for PRIZES/GIVEAWAYS and more.

Let’s meet our young heroine, Myrna!

Can you imagine graduating from high school one day and waking on a horrendous foreign planet the next? My name is Myrna Ashlin Watts and that is what happened to me. I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. The sunshine state and gorgeous beaches. Then I wake one morning in my own house but NOT in my own city or even planet. But the biggest surprise I got was when I opened my door and saw who inhabited this new planet. They werenâ??t people, thatâ??s for sure.

Then I was told I had a job to do here before I could go home. And the part of it that really frosted my buns was who this order came from. I didnâ??t have a choice at all since He was the one whoâ??d brought me to this hellish place to begin with.

So now Iâ??m trekking across a monster infested strange planet looking for more teens like myself with â??special talentsâ?? like controlling weather or causing volcanic eruptions or speaking with animals. And one of the things I miss the most, besides my family, is the blue sky and sunshine. This planet may have two suns or a billion â?? youâ??d never know since the sky is constantly grey.

But itâ??s not all depressing. Iâ??ve met some awesome people and really cool animals who think almost like we do and have made conscious decisions to accompany and protect us on our quest. Iâ??ve also met some intriguing, sexy and handsome men who seem really interested in getting to know me better. Too bad this isnâ??t the time or place for romance. Besides, I have no idea who to trustâ??as evidenced by the two occasions Narciss has tricked me with demon-dragons.

Iâ??m really looking forward to the end of this leg of our journey when we reach the enchanted island because Iâ??ll meet real live elves, faeries, dwarfs and who knows what other magical creatures. Itâ??s just too bad the reason for our being there is to learn how to fight against the demons in a huge battle to end this war between good and evil.

Title: Odessa
Author: Rebecca Ryals Russell
Publisher: Muse It Up
Release Date: April 1, 2011
Series: Seraphym Wars #1

Summary: Myrna Ashlin Watts is a high school Senior in Jacksonville, Fl when she is transported to a bizarre and primal planet corrupted by demon-dragons. And they want her dead. Her problem is, she has been recruited to kill them, too.

Reluctantly, and knowing it is her only way to get back home, she agrees to lead an army of six teens called The Vigorios (demon-hunters) all the while battling dragons and monsters as they cross swamps and mountains, forests and seas. She wrangles with mental scars of a demon attack when she was fifteen and a vision of those same demons killing her brother two years later.

Three very different men join her questâ??a seasoned demon/dragon-slayer who irritates but beguiles her, a tender and sweet mentor in whom she trusts completely and a roguishly handsome Scientist who sets her senses aflame. How is she expected to lead the others and keep everyone safe with so much inner turmoil? Whom can she trust, if anyone, even herself? How can anyone expect her, a kid in high school to be a leader? Much less one who leads an army of kids in a Holy battle?

Will love and lust, jealousy, greed, deceit and distrust break the delicate tie that binds these teen warriors called The Vigorios? Can a troupe of teens help the Seraphym finally defeat the massive empire of evil dominated for eons by the demon-dragons of Dracwald?

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About the Author:
Author of MG/YA Dark Fantasy among other things, Rebecca Ryals Russell has two series coming out next year: The Seraphym Wars Series for YA and Stardust Warriors for MG.

She lives in a Victorian house on five acres in North Central Florida with her family. She also runs a Vacation Rental Log House on the property (Florida Black Bear Cabin It was in this cabin she wrote Odessa within 6 months, after thinking about it for 30 years, but never having the time to commit it to paper.

A fourth generation Floridian, she has lived all over the state except the Panhandle.

The daughter of an Elementary school principal dad and school secretary mom, for fourteen years she taught Middle Grades, preferring English and Creative Writing. She had several studentsâ?? works published in anthologies as well as several of her own stories, poems and photographs.

Main interests include her four children, ages 22, 19, 16, 11 and Irish hubby of 35 years. She enjoys spending time writing, drawing, going to movies and reading. Her favorite pastimes are sitting on the wicker porch swing on a chilly Autumn evening with her husband and usually a kid or two, drinking a beer and eating mixed nuts while chatting about anything and everything, or discussing philosophy and religion with her 16-year-old son over pizza.

Over the course of the next few years she has several books being published.

Where to find the author:
Author Website
Series Facebook Page
Personal Facebook Page

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